SDN Cast 64 – Live at 8 with C# 8 and Android 8


Lucky 8, this week is themed number 8 … We are broadcasting the Dutch SDN Cast 8 squared = 64, Mads Torgersen was interviewed by Seth Juarez on C# 8 discussing features like Nullable Reference Types, Async Streams, Default Interface Implementations and Extension Everything. C# 8 is still in the planning phase but as with previous releases Mads shares the things the C# team are thinking about to put in the next release. Features obviously may be dropped or can be changed for the final release but the recording shares a lot of new stuff with the public already.

Also, Android 8 aka Android Oreo was released this week. Another 8 for us to consume. The Dutch Android site is still on Android Nougat but setting the locale to United States changes the site to Oreo.

Another big thing this week is Gamescom, where Microsoft opened the pre-order for Xbox X aka Xbox Project Scorpio. With this Xbox is opened for any games developer. Xbox used to be closed for development unless you were one of the certified game developers. This restriction is now lifted and only thing you need is a Dev Center account that you can purchase for $20 one-time fee.

Another demo this week, this time Skype integration on your website with two lines of code. How to easily put Skype interaction on your site, to living persons or even bots.

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Other news:

A Preview of C# 8 with Mads Torgersen

· [05:37] – Nullable reference types

· [16:30] – Async Streams

· [26:13] – Default Interface Implementations

· [32:11] – Extension Everything

Angular v4 TypeScript Snippets

Git vulnerability with submodules

Android 8.0 Oreo

Apple: New Beta Downloads Now Available, Beta 7

CodeRush 17.1.7 Released

Rider 2017.1.1 is released

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MvvmCross .NET Summer Hackfest, August 21st to September 2nd, 2017

Upcoming events

Google Developer Days Europe – September 5-6, Krakow, Poland

Wazug – September 7 2017, Hilversum

Microsoft Edge Web Summit 2017 – September 13, Online

MixUG – Development Event – 13 September, Gouda

Xamarin Dev Days – 16 September – Amsterdam

DevIntersection Europe, September 18-20 – Stockholm!

.NET Conf – 19-21 September

Microsoft Envision – September 25-27 – Orlando

Ignite 2017 – September 25-29 – Orlando

Hybrid IT Event – September 26 – Maarssen, NL

4DotNet Events – Xamarin Event – 28 september, Nieuwegein

MixUG – Eindgebruikers Evenement

SDN Event 3 – 6 October 6, Zeist, NL

TechDays October 12-13, 2017 RAI Amsterdam

SharePoint Saturday Belgium 2017, October 21, Brussels BE

SharePoint Unite – October 24-26, 2017, Haarlem

Dev Intersection, October 30- November 2, Las Vegas!/

Web Summit – 6-9 November 2017, Lisbon, Portugal

Visual Studio Live! November 12-17 2017 Orlando, FL

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