Software News and Events for Week 34

SDN Cast

Another webcast (Dutch) with tech-news and this time a Docker and HoloLens Demo. This is week 34 and here is the news we discussed in our SDN Cast. The latest news on software development with both serious and light news items.

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News of the week

Visual Studio “15” Preview 4

What’s new in C# 7.0

Why are we open sourcing our extensions?

GitHub Extension for Visual Studio 2.0 is now available

Google Stops Chrome Browser Apps (Except for Chrome OS)

Microsoft Edge and Continuum: Your desktop browser on Mobile

The Dick Moffat Technique

Power BI Desktop Augustus Feature Summary

No More Ransomware

Fun: Xbox onesie


This week’s events

Xamarin Dev Days Amsterdam- Augustus 27th

Next week events

Announcing the “App Dev on Xbox” – august 30 live event

SDN event September 2nd – Zeist

Our second Dutch SDN Event for 2016 with special guest Roy Janssen with his company
Semper IT showing the HoloLens for you to see with your own eyes what the device looks like and what it can do. In a special presentation Roy will show you what you can do with it. There is still room for registration for the event in Zeist (NL) so don’t miss it and register here:

Upcoming events

Fixxup – September 22nd

LevelUp Mobile 2016 – September 22nd

CodeUUR Worldrecord – October 14th

.NET Developer Days – Central / East Europe – October 19-21

Demo context:

This week in our Dutch webcast two demos, the HoloLens Teaser and a Docker Intro. We asked Roy Janssen to give us a quick intro of what we can expect in his sessions at the SDN Event next week September 2nd and we also did a Docker Demo as a follow up of one of our earlier SDN Casts where we discussed the Docker Conference a couple of weeks ago.


This week a HoloLens Teaser to warm us up for next week’s event we organized: SDN Event op 2 september. Roy is showing us what you can do with the HoloLens and is showing what Augmented Reality is all about. Next week in the SDN Event session he will deep dive into the HoloLens in a special session giving an overview of the options you have to develop for the HoloLens by showing use of the tools and applications available. His company can be found at his website


A couple of weeks ago we discussed the Docker Conference in our Events section. As promised back then, this week we finally demoed in our 16th Dutch SDN Cast Docker for Windows to show you how quick and easy it is to set up a running Docker environment on your Windows machine and use some of the images available on

We hope you like watching our Dutch SDN Casts to catch up in about an hour on the topics that are hot for this week and hear the latest news and see the great demo’s on technology and software development that you can apply in your real world scenarios.

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Software News and Events for Week 33

SDN Cast

Another week of webcasts and tech news. This is week 33 and here is the news we discussed in our Dutch SDN Cast covering the latest news on software development and side information related to that for this moment in time.

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News of the week

Google is killing off Hangouts on Air in September

Hangouts On Air moving from Google+ to YouTube Live

Introducing the UWP Community Toolkit

Announcing NuGet 3.5 RC

Introducing the .NET Framework Monthly Rollup

Fewer Visual Studio Sign-in Prompts

Announcing HTTP/2 support for all customers with Azure CDN from Akamai

Customer segmentation and push notifications: a new Windows Dev Center Insider Program feature

Project Spark ended this week

PowerShell is open sourced and is available on Linux


Events Last Week

Visual Studio Live 8-12 Augustus – Redmond

Recordings are to be found on Channel9

Upcoming Events

Xamarin Dev Days Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Augustus 27th

SDN event – September 2nd – Zeist, The Netherlands

Fixxup – 22 September – Utrecht, The Netherlands

LevelUp Mobile 2016 – September 22nd, The Netherlands

TechBash – September 28-30 – Pennsylvania, USA
CodeUUR World record – October 14th, The Netherlands

Demo context:

In the SDN Cast Demo we tried to get an old .NET Forms application to be ported to .NET Core by switching out the backend using Entity Framework Core and existing databases. This didn’t go all that smooth but got it to work in the end showing the principle of how to get your hands on it and show what kind of issues you can run into doing this.

Here is a link we used to get us in the right direction:
Entity Framework Core – Existing Database

Software News and events for week 32


This week I collected the news for our SDN Cast again so here is the news for week 32 as we discussed in our Dutch SDN Cast Channel. A weekly informal webcast where we discuss the news, events and everything to know on what is going on in software land.

This week the news and events and demo by Fanie Reynders on his Open Source WebAPI proxy project he is converting to .NET Core..

Where is the webcast to be found?

News of the Week

TFS “15” RC1 is available

I Can Has .NET Core

What I missed while I was relaxing this summer

August 2016 evaluation Windows developer virtual machines

Get a Windows 10 development environment

What’s new for Windows 10 IoT Core – The Anniversary Update

Microsoft Azure Stack: Upcoming Technical Preview and other updates

Microsoft acquires Beam interactive livestreaming service

Preview: iOS Simulator (For Windows) update 3


Events Last Week

NDC Sydney

Events of this Week

Visual Studio Live August 8-12 – Redmond
Live on Channel9 now!


Xamarin Dev Days Amsterdam 27 Augustus

SDN event September 2- Zeist

LevelUp Mobile 2016 – September 22

October 14 – CodeUUR Worldrecord

Tip of the week:
A mix of Gist and Roslyn

Software News and events for week 31

SDN Cast

Every week I collect the news for our webcast. I thought it was a good idea to also share the news here on my blog: The news for week 31 as we discussed in our Dutch SDN Cast Channel. A weekly informal webcast where we discuss the news, events and everything to know on what is going on in software land.

This week the news and events and as special guest we invited Dick Moffat to discuss and demo the latest tech on Power BI. This part obviously is English, where our webcast usually is Dutch.

Where is the webcast to be found?

News of the Week

Windows 10 Anniversary Edition Released
Microsoft announces Windows 10 anniversary update available Aug. 2

How to get the Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Windows 10 Anniversary Update SDK Now Available! Windows Store Open for Submissions

Stack Overflow Documentation for Microsoft Developers

Botness 2016 Videos Available

Unity 5.4 is out – here’s what’s in it

Microsoft expanding in Middenmeer (The Netherlands) with two additional datacenters speeding up development (Dutch)

HoloLens Development Edition Updates

Announcing .NET Framework 4.6.2

Xbox One S 2TB Launch Edition is Available Now

API’s for #AzureAD Identity Protection are now available in the Microsoft Graph!

Docker for Mac and Windows is Now Generally Available and Ready for Production

Announcing the general availability of the Microsoft Excel API to expand the power of Office 365

.NET Standard Library Support for Xamarin


Events van vorige Week

Fixxup 28 juli

Events van de Week

NDC Sydney

Upcoming Events

Visual Studio Live 8-12 Augustus – Redmond

Xamarin Dev Days Amsterdam 27 Augustus

SDN event 2 september – Zeist

LevelUp Mobile 2016 – 22 september

14 oktober CodeUUR Worldrecord

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