Software News and events for week 32


This week I collected the news for our SDN Cast again so here is the news for week 32 as we discussed in our Dutch SDN Cast Channel. A weekly informal webcast where we discuss the news, events and everything to know on what is going on in software land.

This week the news and events and demo by Fanie Reynders on his Open Source WebAPI proxy project he is converting to .NET Core..

Where is the webcast to be found?

News of the Week

TFS “15” RC1 is available

I Can Has .NET Core

What I missed while I was relaxing this summer

August 2016 evaluation Windows developer virtual machines

Get a Windows 10 development environment

What’s new for Windows 10 IoT Core – The Anniversary Update

Microsoft Azure Stack: Upcoming Technical Preview and other updates

Microsoft acquires Beam interactive livestreaming service

Preview: iOS Simulator (For Windows) update 3


Events Last Week

NDC Sydney

Events of this Week

Visual Studio Live August 8-12 – Redmond
Live on Channel9 now!


Xamarin Dev Days Amsterdam 27 Augustus

SDN event September 2- Zeist

LevelUp Mobile 2016 – September 22

October 14 – CodeUUR Worldrecord

Tip of the week:
A mix of Gist and Roslyn

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