Office Development – SharePoint Framework Extensions now RC0

Office Development - SharePoint Extensions RC0

In June I blogged about the SharePoint Framework Extensions Developer Preview and last night the SharePoint Framework Extensions moved a step forward, they are now available as Release Candidate 0:

Not completely ready so to say, my guess there will be at least two more RCs but at least they moved out of Preview.

If you don’t know what the SharePoint Framework Extensions are, just jump back to my June post to read all about it.

Have Fun!

Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16278

RS3 Windows 10 Insider Preview 16278

Quick Update:

Another Windows 10 Insider Preview Build for the Redstone 3 release flight. Again, “Skip Ahead”  aka Redstone 4 is skipped, so this will be another stabilizing build to prepare Redstone 3 for going RTM as the Fall Creators Update in a couple of weeks or maybe even faster.

Here are the details on the official Microsoft Insiders Blog:
Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16278 for PC

Have Fun, probably won’t last that long as with this pace the next build can be expected quickly!

Developer Tips – Axialis … Sale!

Developer Tips - Axialis

I’ve pointed to products of Axialis before, even as long as six years ago and guess what … they are still in business. As MVP I am privileged to often get licenses for all sorts of products to try out or for personal use. The is one of the tools in the “What I Use” list that stayed on the list using the Axialis tools, a very easy to use tool to create your own icons.

Besides tools to create icons, cursors or screensavers they created a huge set of fully prepared icons for you to use. This can save you a lot of time, no need to design many of the icons anymore just pick the one you like from the icon sets.

The reason I mention this is a) because I personally like the Axialis tools a lot and b) they currently are close to ending the Summer Sale and provide a 50% discount until August 31st at 

BTW, you can start with using the free options at their website, there are several free options available at their site. The downside is that if you are ready for the other icons and tools you missed the sale Smile. And who wants to spend time design icons vs. building kick ass code?

Visual Studio – Pro Tip – Track Active Item in Solution Explorer

Visual Studio Pro Tip

Every time I’m on a new installation of Visual Studio or a new VM (I often quickly ‘generate’ a new VM in order to test things in a clean environment) the first thing I run into is that I just don’t know what’s the file I’m working on and do be more specific, where the file lives in the folder structure of the solution.

Visual Studio has a solution for this, ever since Visual Studio 2005, and it is called Track Active Item in Solution Explorer.

You can find the option in Visual Studio 2017 by going into Tools->Options and search for Solution Explorer. This will give you a couple of entries, now select General under Projects and Solutions and there you have it:


You also can go to it directly by going into Tools->Options->Projects and Solutions->General.

If you think this s*cks, just turn it off by unchecking the checkbox before “Track Active Item in Solution Explorer”.

I prefer to check the option to enable it so each time I select a file in one of the tabs, Visual Studio will jump to the location where it is kept in the Solution Explorer!

Office Development – Word Add-in in Visual Studio ‘in action’

Yesterday in my blogpost I showed you the instructions to perform to create your first Word Add-in not by command line tools like I showed earlier, but by using Visual Studio 2017. So here it is:

Boot up your Visual Studio IDE and select File, new Project. In the New Project Dialog select on the left hand of the dialog the tree item Add-ins under the Office/SharePoint node. On the right hand you get options to build Add-ins for Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint and SharePoint.


They still call it Web Add-in, if you ask me this name is a bit outdated. I believe the Add-ins are called just Office Add-ins (with the capital A). There was a time these things were called “Apps for Office”. The name used today on the website is:

Apps for Office

Where were we? …. Oh, yes … Creating a new project. Name your new project any name you would like to give it, I opted for MyFirstWordAddin. Change the folder if you want to store it somewhere else other than the default project output path and click OK to start creating your project. If all goes well you’ll see the following ‘progress’ bar appearing on your screen.


It takes a couple of minutes to finish, but when it does it will open a code window like this:


And another tab was created to show you some helpful links to continue:


Now it is time to hit F5, the “Visual Studio Compile-Run-Debug Experience”. As we have seen ancient times ago the Office Dev team really tried to hide all the difficult stuff for you and it will create for you the security context to be able to actually run the Word Add-in without going through the hassle I described in other posts creating the Add-in using the command line tools like Yeomen.

The only dialog might get to see in between is this one:


A one time only trust entry for your self-signed Localhost certificate. You’ll notice if you create a second project this dialog won’t show again as you already trusted it for your first project. Click Yes otherwise your Add-in won’t be trusted to run. It will create the security context and an instance of Word is created and installed the just created Add-in.

On the top right hand in the Ribbon in the Home Tab a button appears in the Commands Group with some easy instructions. You’ve seen as similar button and instructions on the command line Add-in we created a while ago.


Click the button to have the Task pane appearing on the right hand. The sample Task pane wants you to select a couple of words in the document and if you press the Highlight button it will calculate the word with the most characters and highlights the word.


That is all there is to it … no fancy pansy difficult stuff to get around creating certificates and trusting the certificates. It is all done for you by the Visual Studio tooling. Impressive!

Beware however, you are not ready for production – just like the command line Add-in tools, the certificate is self signed, you are not running the ‘ web app’ in a shared (public) location to be able to access from anywhere and anytime. It is still ‘demo-ware’. Hopefully over time we will reach the golden moment of creating ‘production-ware’ Smile

To be continued …




Office Development – Word Add-in – Using Visual Studio

Office Development - Visual Studio

A while ago, not too long, I showed you how to start developing your Word Add-in from scratch using nothing but command line tools. Check my blog archives for the last couple of weeks if you missed that. Today we are looking at the same process but now using Visual Studio.

Where to begin? According to the page: going through the process of steps you select Word as Add-in host, and Visual Studio as tools to build your Add-in will finally show you the following screen:


It is already hopelessly outdated, mentioning to install the Office Developer Tools for Visual Studio 2013 or 2015 while Visual Studio 2017 has been around for quite some time.

The process however is still unchanged for the most part, I will show it in practice in a later blog, but if you follow the three steps you are basically already there, where without Visual Studio and just using the command line tools we had to go through a large series of requirements and certificate fixes to make that work.

Apparently Visual Studio takes a lot of this out of your hands and is doing all that for you. Not completely fair, because with Visual Studio you also need to go through the installation process. I want to find out what this all is and put that in a blog post as well

To be continued …

Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16275

RS3 Windows 10 Insider Preview 16275

Apparently there was some need to push another build out today:

Only two days ago in my blogpost I discussed the update 16273 for both Redstone 3 as Redstone 4 where I mentioned that the Redstone 3 (Fall Creators Update) would show us just some stabilizing and bug fix items. And this appears to be right, this release, Build 16275, has just been pushed out to the Fast Ring of the Fall Creators Update and not to the Skip Ahead (Redstone 4) flight.

Also Build 15245 for Mobile was released, but you might wonder what the use of this is where the number of Mobile devices is shrinking each day without the option to buy new devices. They are simply unavailable in stores, even in Microsoft Stores they are no longer available.

SDN Cast 64 – Live at 8 with C# 8 and Android 8


Lucky 8, this week is themed number 8 … We are broadcasting the Dutch SDN Cast 8 squared = 64, Mads Torgersen was interviewed by Seth Juarez on C# 8 discussing features like Nullable Reference Types, Async Streams, Default Interface Implementations and Extension Everything. C# 8 is still in the planning phase but as with previous releases Mads shares the things the C# team are thinking about to put in the next release. Features obviously may be dropped or can be changed for the final release but the recording shares a lot of new stuff with the public already.

Also, Android 8 aka Android Oreo was released this week. Another 8 for us to consume. The Dutch Android site is still on Android Nougat but setting the locale to United States changes the site to Oreo.

Another big thing this week is Gamescom, where Microsoft opened the pre-order for Xbox X aka Xbox Project Scorpio. With this Xbox is opened for any games developer. Xbox used to be closed for development unless you were one of the certified game developers. This restriction is now lifted and only thing you need is a Dev Center account that you can purchase for $20 one-time fee.

Another demo this week, this time Skype integration on your website with two lines of code. How to easily put Skype interaction on your site, to living persons or even bots.

Where can you find our 64th episode of our Dutch SDN Cast?

Did you subscribe our Dutch SDN Cast channel already?

Subscribe your YouTube channel if you don’t want to miss a single broadcast. Usually we will broadcast on Thursday evenings at 8 PM but there can be a change of plans where we need to move to another time or day. So to be sure Subscribe to our channel on YouTube or go to to see when the next episode is due.

Other news:

A Preview of C# 8 with Mads Torgersen

· [05:37] – Nullable reference types

· [16:30] – Async Streams

· [26:13] – Default Interface Implementations

· [32:11] – Extension Everything

Angular v4 TypeScript Snippets

Git vulnerability with submodules

Android 8.0 Oreo

Apple: New Beta Downloads Now Available, Beta 7

CodeRush 17.1.7 Released

Rider 2017.1.1 is released

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Redstone 4 – Windows 10 Insider Preview 16273.1000

RS4 Windows 10 Insider Preview 16273.1000

A little while ago I mentioned there was no jumping on the Redstone 4 (Windows vNext after Windows 10 Fall Creators Update) train anymore if you are not already on that train.

Today there was an update for the ones who -are- riding the RS4 train: Windows 10 Insider Preview 16273.1000 (rs_prerelease).

Notice the tagged “rs_prerelease”, this indicates you are on the Redstone 4 track. The ‘commons’ on Windows 10 Insider Preview will have the tag “rs3_release”, also released today.


No clues to what has been fixed in these releases, it has been about 3 weeks since the last update due to some bugs found so I’ll just assume that it is just more stabilizing Redstone 3 stuff.

Go get it if you are an Insider! 

Update: Here are the change notes for this build at the Microsoft Windows Blog

Announcement – Crashplan Home Discontinued


Code 42 just announced that they will discontinue their Crashplan Home services:

Darn … I was using this service for several years now and was quite happy with the silent, off premise backup for all of my machines for a fairly low annual fee. Now I have to go out again and find another service comparable to this one Sad smile.

One of the benefits was that you could run a headless backup from your Synology servers and I’m not sure there are others doing the same thing. Code 42 is going to focus on business users only:

Maybe, I need to look into it, I just move over to the small business option if the options and the price is right. One thing is certain … I will lose some time on this to research what to do next for backup …. oh well …

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