Developer Tips – Axialis … Sale!

Developer Tips - Axialis

I’ve pointed to products of Axialis before, even as long as six years ago and guess what … they are still in business. As MVP I am privileged to often get licenses for all sorts of products to try out or for personal use. The is one of the tools in the “What I Use” list that stayed on the list using the Axialis tools, a very easy to use tool to create your own icons.

Besides tools to create icons, cursors or screensavers they created a huge set of fully prepared icons for you to use. This can save you a lot of time, no need to design many of the icons anymore just pick the one you like from the icon sets.

The reason I mention this is a) because I personally like the Axialis tools a lot and b) they currently are close to ending the Summer Sale and provide a 50% discount until August 31st at 

BTW, you can start with using the free options at their website, there are several free options available at their site. The downside is that if you are ready for the other icons and tools you missed the sale Smile. And who wants to spend time design icons vs. building kick ass code?

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