Fall event: Microsoft Future Decoded

Microsoft Future Decoded

Microsoft will most likely announce their new Surface devices or other new stuff in London, UK on October 31th this year.

At least this is the rumor that arrived at the internet this week. As we all know, these announcements are usually (over the last couple of years) done by Panos Panay, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Devices.

And guess what … Panos is also mentioned on the Microsoft Future Decoded website as one of the keynote speakers among many other hot shots from the company.


According to the website (see above) this event will provide you a view forward in the future to present you “an inspired vision of the digital business of tomorrow”.

Not sure if the ‘hardware event’ will be separate from this one, but my guess is that this will be the event showing the new devices (and as said the vision for the upcoming year).


So, be nice to your piggy bank as there are new money burners to expect in about two months! 

WinRT Surface–experiences

Today we went over to the Microsoft Store again to review the WinRT Surface device and try it on our own.

Tablet Plus

The first impression of the Windows RT device is that it is more than just a tablet. As it contains Office 2013 it is also a productivity tool. It is easy to just write a letter, do some spreadsheeting or create a presentation using PowerPoint. Obviously you won’t be doing those sort of things by just using a tablet, you’ll need a tablet++.


It is hard to decide what the weight does to the machine. Yesterday I quickly touched Surface and somehow thought it to be somewhat heavier than expected. Today however, when in depth looking at the device I now thought the device to be a lot lighter.Especially when removing the keyboard, power chords etc it resulted much more as a ‘real’ tablet. Easy to hold, and excellent to carry around, stand included on the default machine.

Here are some pictures