Software News and Events for Week 37 – Electron and more

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This week again a day early on Wednesday, Thursday wasn’t an option this week due to other obligations. We still found a number of interesting news facts to discuss and demos on Electron, .NET Core, WordPerfect, Azure Portal and more. A full episode this week, and a sneak preview at our new SDN Cast website: filled with our mainly Dutch SDN Casts.

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News of the week Core 1.01

Service Fabric on Linux support available this month

Major Updates: iOS 10, Android Nougat, and Other Tasty Bits

Apps built using the Desktop Bridge now available in the Windows Store!

Bring your existing apps and games to the Windows Store with the Desktop Bridge

iOS10 Released yesterday

Microsoft is “dedicated to mobile,” Dona Sarkar says

ActionGram now available in Store

Blocking out-of-date Flash ActiveX controls on IE11


Last week’s events


Centric Tech Event 2016 – September 7th – CineMec Ede

AmsterdamJS – The Comeback Edition – September 8- Amsterdam

This week’s events

TechDays Online—Starting September 12th!

Emerging Tech Virtual Summit – September 12th

Hands-on Azure Service Fabric

Quintor TechDays Preview 1 – September 14th – Amersfoort

Node.js Interactive Europe – September 15-18 2016

Next week events

Quintor TechDays Preview 2 – September 20th – Amersfoort

How to practice TDD without shooting yourself in the foot – Dennis Doomen – September 20th – Rotterdam

Quintor Introductie App development voor de Hololens – September 21th – Amersfoort

Azure App Services en Azure Functions – September 21th – Eindhoven

Fixxup – September 22th – Utrecht

LevelUp Mobile 2016 – September 22nd – Leusden

Upcoming events

Microsoft Ignite – September 26-30th Atlanta

TechDays – October 4-5th – RAI Amsterdam

CodeUUR Worldrecord – October 14th

.NET Developer Days – Central / East Europe – October 19-21 th

Dutch .NET Group – October 18th – Utrecht
ASP.NET Core & Xamarin: Gotta app ’em all

Demo time

Fanie Reynders this week demo’ed Azure Portal, showing many new options in Azure Portal. Maarten van Stam was updating .NET Core ( 1.0.1 live on the show and shows the new trend, developing JavaScript Desktop applications using Electron ( It’s cross platform to build Desktop Applications. Many large applications already have been in the open already and a good example for that is Microsoft Visual Studio Code. This runs on Windows, Mac and Linux. In the meantime, Marcel Meijer surprised us with a WordPerfect demo. The underwater screen is back from where it came from. So watch the show for a great impression, but you need to speak Dutch ;-).

We hope you like watching our Dutch SDN Casts to catch up in a bit more than an hour on the topics that are hot for this week and hear the latest news and see the great demo’s on technology and software development that you can apply in your real world scenarios.

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