Week 4 SDN Cast News with Pieter Fouché on ARM

SDNCast 37

The guest of our first SDN Cast has returned for SDN Cast 37. Well, not quite the first, we did a couple of dry runs to try things out before going live with or first live casts. But lets keep it at that this was the first public cast. Our guest on the first SDN Cast as well as this one is Pieter Fouché.

Today his subject are not the pooping cats using the restroom for humans but is showing how to use automation with the Azure Resource Manager. So, something completely different and more suitable to use on a wider scope (although you can imagine there could be a potential market to use your own toilet to service the cats instead of having to clean out the litter box on a regular interval). Pieter shows us what you can do with ARM (Azure Resource Manager) and how you can take repetitive work away by coding.

Pieter, a developer from origin coming from South Africa is English speaking but we can address him in Dutch as he has no problem understanding the Dutch language at all. Very useful for us (ok not for the English viewers – sorry …), asking the questions in Dutch and getting the answers in English.

Maybe there is something in this video you can use in your work or just watch this SDN Cast to develop yourself. Yeah, international readers probably don’t get it as most of it is in Dutch, but at least you have the news item links, I’m shure there is always something of use below.

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News of the week

Windows developer virtual machines – December 2016 build

TFS 2017 Update 1 RC available\

Open sourcing the VS Test platform

Documentation available for the Setup Configuration API

Visual Studio Setup PowerShell Module Available

Announcing the SQL Server v.Next Early Adoption Program

SQL Server next version CTP 1.2 now available

Working with Multiple .NET Core SDKs – both project.json and msbuild/csproj

Three FREE Training Courses on ASP.NET Core from Microsoft Virtual Academy

Announcing the Newest Xamarin MVPs

Calling Windows 10 APIs From a Desktop Application

Promote your App – Anywhere. Anytime


Events this week

Microsoft Dynamics 365 First Look: Amsterdam – January 24 – Amsterdam

dotNed Saturday – January 28 – Veenendaal

Fanie and Maarten did a report on the DotNed Saturday event and did some interviews with the presenters. The event impression is already finished and you can see it here. No talking, so you international readers can also look at this here: https://youtu.be/YNqP36H4O_I

Events Next Week

Workshop – Building ASP.NET apps on Google Cloud Platform – February 1, Amsterdam

Upcoming events

Code & Comedy – February 8 – Nieuwegein

NAV Event, February 8, 2017, Nuland

SDN Event 1 – Zeist – March 17, 2017

Microsoft Tech Summit – Amsterdam, March 23-24, 2017

Build – May 10-12, 2017 – Seattle

Techorama – May 22-24, 2017 – Antwerpen, Belgium

NDC Oslo – June 12-16 2017 – Oslo

SDN Event 2 – Zeist – June 23, 2017

Ignite 2017 – September 25-29 – Orlando

SDN Event 3 – Zeist – October 6

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