SDN Cast 57, Layoffs – Timeline – Window App Studio vs Windows Template Studio


Traditionally this week, the week of July 4th, is a quiet week. Many Americans have a small break to celebrate their national holiday. Not so quiet this week due to another tradition where Microsoft releases a press release for the start of the new fiscal year to announce all sorts of restructuring measures.

This time no press release, but the news was leaked from an internal memo. And not one without effects, the memo mentioned the release of thousands of sales (mostly international) people. This may sound as a high number, but on a total of 120,000 it is not that high – still very painful for the ones who concerns it and will be hit by the memo.

Another item emerged from the Interwebs last week. The rumor was spreading that Windows Timeline (“Pick up where you left off”) and the Cloud Clipboard (copy somewhere, paste everywhere) among other features were delayed and will not be released in the upcoming “Fall Creators Update” for Windows 10.

All of these features were announced by Microsoft at the biggest developer conference early this year allowing everyone to think that these features would be released at Redstone 3, aka “Fall Creators Update”.

Joe Belfiore, @joebelfiore, confirmed in a tweet that these features are delayed until somewhere next year.

On the area of developer news, it appeared that Windows App Studio is being sunset, in other words about to be canceled. As alternative, the at Build 2017 announced Windows Template Studio will be provided.

These and other news items (see below) we discussed in our Dutch SDN cast this week. As you may already know by now after over a year of weekly SDN Casts we discuss the latest news and events in the show.

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Other news:

Timeline delayed until after Fall Creators Update
But also Cloud Clipboard won’t be in there either.

Microsoft plans thousands of job cuts in a sales staff overhaul to fuel cloud growth

Windows Hello in Token, a biometric ring

Self-Service Deployment with Windows Autopilot

Windows App Studio being sunset

A Wiki preview on VSTS

Perf results on scaling Git on VSTS with GVFS

Visual Studio 2017 Version 15.3 Preview

Visual Studio 2017 Release Rhythm

Microsoft’s acquisition of Cloudyn will help Azure customers manage and optimize their cloud usage

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