SDN Event – Fanie Reynders – IOT and Build Server (Raspberry PI and VSTS)

SDN Event - Fanie Reynders -IOT

The last recording in our series of SDN Event recordings that we publish from our 23rd of June SDN Event. This is the session by Fanie Reynders. Interaction with VSTS and a Raspberry PI in this recording called “IOT and Build Server (Raspberry PI and VSTS)” will show you a sample of what you can do with IOT today.


Tired of the endless alerts spamming your team channels (especially e-mail) about the status of failed and successful builds? In this session, we are going to make use of Azure Functions, your favorite source-code repo (like VSTS) and a Raspberry Pi to create a simple lamp indicating the status of your builds on each check-in. Learn about how you can connect events driven from the cloud to the physical world using awesome tools available right now.

Fanie builds an application, loads it on the Raspberry PI and all of this in a session packed with code, explaining how to interact with the small IOT devices in a real life working demo! Well wa’do you know!

SDN Event – Fanie Reynders – IOT and Build Server (Raspberry PI and VSTS)

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