Hit Refresh arrived on my Kindle today – Update

Hit Refresh Released

In my previous post around Hit Refresh, Satya Nadella’s just released book:

I mentioned:
BTW, it appears all Microsoft employees received a signed copy … maybe we can get him to sign a couple of them at the next MVP Summit!

Well apparently I was a bit early with preordering so now I already bought and received the book even though I was offered a complimentary copy of the book yesterday as well. So I lost my money on the book? Hell no, Satya is donating all of his proceeds from Hit Refresh to Microsoft Philanthropies.

I still would like to see the option to get Satya to sign a hardcopy for us at the next MVP Summit though … and given that it’s for a good cause I’d even buy the hardcopy to sign as well 🙂

Hit Refresh arrived on my Kindle today

Hit Refresh Released

A while ago I preordered Hit Refresh on Amazon:

It’s the book by the ‘new’ Microsoft CEO. I’m interested to read it and see how it compares to the books by Bill Gates. My guess is that it is a complete different type of book, but we’ll see. I downloaded it on my (Android) phone so I can dive in whenever I have a minute to spare Smile.

BTW, it appears all Microsoft employees received a signed copy … maybe we can get him to sign a couple of them at the next MVP Summit!

Microsoft’s Satya Nadella’s book Hit Refresh

Hit Refresh

Satya Nadella wrote a book about the transformation of Microsoft and his journey coming from India as a child to the Executive role he now performs within Microsoft. I think it is a tradition CEOs write books, Bill Gates had a few (these days he is more into reading books and sharing his book picks every now and then in lists on his blog)

I just pre-ordered Satya’s book, to see how this is different from the books I read earlier published by Bill Gates. My guess is that it will be of a complete different order. We’ll see, it will arrive on my Kindle when it is released September 26th.

The book is now on preorder here:

* Be aware that the link is using my Amazon affiliate tag and I will get filthy rich Smile if you use that so I can buy more computer books and blog even more about interesting technologies! But don’t worry it won’t cost you anything extra …

Week 9 – SDN Cast News, looking for the answer with André Obelink

SDNCast 42

With the twentieth anniversary of Visual Studio and the forty-second broadcast of our Dutch SDN Cast we speak with André Obelink on the subject of VB (Visual Basic) and the future of it. Forty-two is also the answer to life, the universe and all according to the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Enough reasons to check out the recording on YouTube for this week.

André Obelink is Microsoft MVP and author of six books, five covering Visual Basic and the sixth written with co-author Sander Gerz on C#.

You can find André Obelink at several places such as
Twitter: @obelink
Website: http://www.obelink.com/

A returning question by many developers is will Visual Basic be around in the near future and if so where will it be positioned by Microsoft. A valid question, as it often appears that also with Microsoft Visual Basic seems to be the ‘forgotten’ language. APIs, sample code and documentation is released for C# at first and following a bit later the VB submission (sometimes we are still waiting for VB equivalents to arrive). We discuss all of this in depth, so if you are Dutch speaking look at this week’s Dutch SDN Cast.

Next to Visual Basic several other subjects get by, from the light-hearted topics such as Xbox Gaming to the very extensive exercise to write books and again – is there a future in book writing.

All in all enough topics making it well worth to jump to YouTube and watch the recording of the 42nd Dutch SDN Cast if you haven’t already watched it live last week.

Where can you find SDN Cast 42?

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News of the week

Azure Command Line 2.0 now generally available

TFS 2017 Management Pack

Microsoft System Center Management Pack for Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2017

Announcing the Xbox Live Creators Program

Windows 10 SDK Preview Build 15042 Released

Getting Started with a Mixed Reality Platformer Using Microsoft HoloLens
Node v7.7.1 (Current)
Node.js 7.7.0 contains a bug that will prevent all native modules from building, this patch should fix the issue.


To relax a bit … Nintendo Switch


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