Richard Campbell – “Saving The World One App at a Time”

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In our series of SDN Event session recordings we published today our third session from SDN Event June 23rd. This session is the second session by Richard Campbell that day titled “Saving the World One App at a Time”.


Mobile and cloud technology are changing the business world – how about disaster response? Join Richard Campbell as he tells his story of software, hardware and charity that ultimately has led him to the Humanitarian Toolbox ( The Humanitarian Toolbox is an open source initiative to build software for disaster relief – both for the Non-Governmental Organizations that are involved in disaster relief, the citizen volunteers that donate their time to assist during a disaster and the disaster victims themselves. Richard will take you along on his journey of the convergence of mobile, cloud and open source software to help save lives.

In this session Richard explained to us all about the Humanitarian Toolbox and how you can help by putting your efforts into a project that literally is able to save lives and help where it is needed the most in the world.

SDN Event – Richard Campbell – Saving The World One App at a Time

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SDN Event – Richard Campbell – Keynote: The Development Platform Landscape in 2017

SDN Event – Richard Campbell – Keynote: The Development Platform Landscape in 2017

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Last Friday June 23rd we managed to pull off our second SDN Event of 2017 and we recorded a couple of our sessions so if you couldn’t make it or had other reasons not to attend you still can watch the session online.

Join Richard Campbell as he takes you on a tour of the broad range of subjects explored while recording more than 1400 episodes of .NET Rocks over the past 10+ years. The development world today is evolving rapidly, but a look at the history of development can help inform the path we’re on and where we’re going. Along the way you’ll hear some great stories from the various .NET Rocks episodes and get some ideas of how you can take your career and your company into the future of technology.

YouTube Link:

Richard Campbell Keynote-800

If you like to know how we recorded the session you can read my other blog post:
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