2013 MVP Global Summit Starter


2013 will be my 8th year to be awarded as Visual Studio Tools for the Office System Most Valuable Professional (probably the most lengthy MVP title and therefore shortened by the acronym VSTO MVP) and for the 7th time around I’ll attend the MVP Summit.

In my first year as VSTO MVP, 2006, there wasn’t an MVP Summit planned as they just had one in the last months of 2005 and at the time a Summit was held with about one year and a half between each Summit. Accordingly my first Summit was in 2007.

You may think that if you have seen one Summit you’ve seen them all but that is not the case. Not all Summits are the same. We had Summits with SDR’s (Software Design Reviews), Summits with a lot of Executive keynotes, Summits without keynotes at all and just PGI (Program Group Interaction) sessions, Summits with lots of NDA information and Summits where they didn’t tell us a thing as it was too sensitive at the time of the Summit.

Best thing about the Summits in my opinion is the interaction with the ‘real’ people building the software, interact with the guys who designed and created it all from start to end (or state it is currently in). These guys (I say guys but there really are a lot of smart girls, sometimes smarter than the guys, too but its just easier to say ‘guys’) are in general very open to listen to comments of ‘outsiders’.

What I like to do, in a couple of blog posts, is to discuss some ‘smart’ tips that might benefit the ones going to the MVP Summit for the first time (and maybe also the ones who have been going there for before). How to get there, especially if you are overseas, what to do and where to go. What are the things you should be looking for and where to go to if you have questions.

So keep your eye on my blog the upcoming weeks before going to Microsoft and don’t hesitate to jump in and give me your comments if you thing it is completely off or thing I’m totally right! Let’s hear your opinion on the MVP Global Summit. Did you like it or maybe you didn’t for some reason and what was it what you liked or wanted to see changed this year. I want to hear it all!

Hopefully you will get some useful tips from it or just enjoy reading about it.

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