SDN Event: Ted Neward – Busy Architect’s Guide to DevOps

SDN EVent - Ted Neward I

As usual (by now) , we will put some of our SDN Event sessions online on YouTube for the next couple of Sundays.

The first session that we recorded last Friday was the session by Ted Neward, a popular presenter from the Seattle Area (USA). If you watch the presentation you’ll see why.

Go over there and watch Ted’s session if you missed the session at our event or if you’ve attended the session but want to see it again:

Where to go to see the recording:


"Developer Operations", or its more commonly-known nickname, DevOps, has taken the industry by storm. Everywhere you turn, everybody wants to be doing DevOps. It’s the new black, the new normal, the thing that everybody clearly represents the next pinnacle in software development…. Except not everybody agrees on what it is, how to do it, or what benefits it will even provide you. In this presentation, we’ll deconstruct the whole "DevOps" movement, talk about what it really represents, how to get started with it, and perhaps most importantly of all, talk about what is realistic to expect out of it once you have actually managed to "DevOps All The Things!" within your company.

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