Software News and Events for Week 36 – Windows Wedding Day?

SDN Cast

A day early, today we recorded our Dutch SDN Cast live from our own home locations. Last week we recorded our SDN Cast on location at venue Hotel Oud London in Zeist to introduce our quarterly SDN Event. As usual we discussed the news and events for this week and tried to hook into the Apple Event while we were casting our show.

Just before going live I updated my broadcasting PC to Microsoft Anniversary and due to having a Dutch system I was redirected to an information page explaining I was eligible to install “Microsoft Wedding day” and my machine was ready to install “Microsoft Birthday” edition. An example of how machine translations messed up … The upside is that it was fun to read providing a good laugh. I won’t laugh too loud though as I probably make similar mistakes translating Dutch to English resulting in Denglisch J. Obviously it is not easy to translate Anniversary into the Dutch equivalent.

For my Dutch readers, here is the info provided:

Microsoft Trouwdag

Where can you find the Dutch SDN Cast edition 18?

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News of the week

Announcing a Microsoft .NET Core and ASP.NET Core Bug Bounty

The Web Clipper Goes Open-Source

Free ebook: Microsoft Azure Essentials: Fundamentals of Azure, Second Edition

10k Apart – Inspiring the Web with Just 10k

New Dev Center Capabilities

Official Docker Images by Microsoft

Microsoft Data Science Virtual Machine for Windows and Linux now available

Desktop App Converter Preview (Project Centennial)

Xamarin.Forms now has a Mac front-end on GitHub

Xamarin.Android 7.0 Now With More Nougat
We’re excited to announce that we have published Xamarin.Android support for Android 7.0 for both Xamarin Studio and Visual Studio.

Apple Event

This week we have tough competition with our SDN Cast. At the same time of our Cast there was the Apple Event announcing a new Apple Watch, the iPhone 7, wireless earbuds. Every now and then we picked up some pricing or news items from the Apple show. We are not forgetting that a large part of Software Development is targeting Apple devices so it has our attention!

New version Wordperfect
Yes, after all this years, from being the largest text editor to a minor player today they still exist. And now there was a new version announced. Old times are back again! Do you remember what F7 will do?


Last week’s events

Announcing the “App Dev on Xbox” – Augustus 30th live event

SDN event September 2nd – Zeist


This week’s events


Look at all the cute machines they all announced around IFA

Centric Tech Event 2016 – September 7th – CineMec Ede

AmsterdamJS – The Comeback Edition – September 8th – Amsterdam

Next week events

TechDays Online—Starting September 12th!

Emerging Tech Virtual Summit – September 12th

Hands-on Azure Service Fabric

Quintor TechDays Preview 1 – September 14th – Amersfoort

Upcoming events

Quintor TechDays Preview 2 – September 20th – Amersfoort

How to practice TDD without shooting yourself in the foot – Dennis Doomen – September 20th – Rotterdam

Quintor Introductie App development voor de Hololens – September 21th – Amersfoort

Azure App Services en Azure Functions – September 21th – Eindhoven

Fixxup – September 22th – Utrecht

LevelUp Mobile 2016 – September 22nd – Leusden

Microsoft Ignite – September 26-30th Atlanta

TechDays – October 4-5th – RAI Amsterdam

CodeUUR Worldrecord – October 14th

.NET Developer Days – Central / East Europe – October 19-21 th

Demo time

Fanie Reynders gave a short intro on Code Connect and Alive, tooling to enhance your Visual Studio experience and showing what the guys were doing just before going over to Microsoft. Let’s wait and see how acquiring Code Connect will turn out in the near future.

We hope you like watching our Dutch SDN Casts to catch up in a bit more than an hour on the topics that are hot for this week and hear the latest news and see the great demo’s on technology and software development that you can apply in your real world scenarios.

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