Week 2 SDN Cast News Items – .NET Standard 2.0


Our second Dutch show this year, traditionally filled with bloopers – maybe we will create a gag-reel – this time we discussed .NET Standard some more. The huge expansion of the number of APIs supported by implementing the ‘compat shim’ or Type Forwarding. This allows you to reference the ‘old’ .NET Framework assemblies to make the .NET scope bigger than ever. The information was found directly from the .NET Standard GitHub repo documentation so you can access it yourself and read it in a dull moment!

And oh, while we were discussing the .NET Standard 2.0 Fanie transformed the FAQ right there on the spot into a BOT. We discussed the technology last week (week 1 of 2017). You now can ask your questions on the bot about .NET Standard 2.0 and your .NET Standard FAQ Bot will provide you with the right answers (provided that your question is clear enough to understand …)

Try the bot here:

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News of the week

Try the Next Major Xamarin Release Candidate

What .NET Developers ought to know to start in 2017

VS Team Services Update – Jan 6

Bootstrap – Flexbox, dropping IE9 support

DOT Net Core 2
– Adding 11-14k extra API’s
– Reference .NET DLL’s directly!

ASP NET Community Standup – January 3rd, 2017 – Happy New Year (at 46:03 ! )

Compatibility Shim


For an in depth explanation go and see the videos by Immo Landwerth:
.NET Standard – Under the Hood
.NET Standard – What’s new in 2.0

Microsoft is hiring

PWA – Progressive Web Apps?


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