Week 50 – SDN Cast 32: VS 2017 RC Update, Cortana


Last week we had our ‘quarterly’ SDN Event with as ‘special’ a couple of speakers from Canada and Italy! For the Delphi Track we invited Marco Cantù, Delphi Product Manager with Embarcadero, and Andrea Magni – Embarcadero MVP Delphi, both from Italy. Marco and Andrea completely filled the Delphi track for the full day. We also flew in Dick Moffat from Canada to enlighten us on the developments on Power BI. Dick Moffat also joined us as a guest live in our 31st SDN Cast at my house. Obviously all other speakers at the SDN Event provided us with their high quality sessions and by now their session slides are available at our SDN website: : https://www.sdn.nl/EVENTS/9-december-2016. We also did broadcast the Power BI/Excel sessions live through our SDN Cast site: www.sdncast.nl so if you missed it your can go back and watch our recordings for these sessions. For next year we already planned the dates for the first three SDN Events, look at the events list below and add them to your schedule.

As promised we also picked the three winners for the Resharper licenses among the registered attendees and the winners are:

· Adriaan van Lent
· Rene Tielemans en
· Ton Soont

These guys will get the licenses mailed on their registration address, congratulations! We also want to thank JetBrains for their contribution at our event!

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News of the week

Updating Visual Studio 2017 Release Candidate
Visual Studio 2017 RC Refresh

Cortana Devices SDK


Powerful Dolby Atmos Sound Coming to Xbox One and Windows 10


Connect(“demos”); // 2016: BikeSharing360 on GitHub

Announcing TypeScript 2.1

.NET Framework December Monthly Rollup is Now Available

Announcing Microsoft ASP.NET WebHooks V1

New Updates to Web Tools in Visual Studio 2017 RC

Google Developers YouTube Channel Reaches 1 Million Subscribers!


Events Last Week

ASP.Net Core & Xamarin – App development end to end

VS Live 360 – December 5-9 – Orlando

SDN Event – December 9 – Zeist

Review door Eric Tummers:

Events this week

Elastichsearch on .NET workshop – 15 December
Star Wars – Rogue One – Première

Events Next Week

No Events … Preparing for Christmas J

Upcoming events

SDN Event 1 – Zeist – March 17 2017

Microsoft Tech Summit – Amsterdam, March 23-24 2017

Build – May 10-12 2017 – Seattle

SDN Event 2 – Zeist – June 23 2017

Ignite 2017 – September 25-29 – Orlando

SDN Event 3 – Zeist – October 6 2017

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Software News and Events for Week 39 – WPF/XAML UI in PowerShell

SDNCast 21

It’s the Last week of September already and our twenty first SDN Cast week filled with announcements with one of the largest IT Pro events going on this week… Ignite! Just too many announcements to sum up but we will try to get some highlights here. Next to the announcements and events we also bring you two demos this week: Building a stub framework with .NET Core and providing great WPF/XAML User Interfaces within this ‘boring’ PowerShell environment. Did you know you can actually build graphical user interfaces while scripting your stuff in PowerShell?

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News of the week

· TypeScript 2.0 is now available!

· Introducing .NET Standard

· Durandal 2.2.0 Release

· Team Foundation Server “15” RC 2 available
Team Foundation Server (TFS) 15 RC2 is available and ready for production use

· Announcing Azure Command-Line Interface (Azure CLI) 2.0 Preview

· Azure Service Fabric for Windows Server now GA

· Announcing the public preview of Azure Monitor

· Microsoft Azure Stack – Preview 2


· Azure Networking announcements for Ignite 2016

· Announcing Azure DNS General Availability

· BIO-key’s Windows Hello fingerprint accessories now available at Microsoft Stores


Office Addin and Web Part Announcements


    • OneNote Online Add-In Support (GA)
    • SharePoint Framework Client side web parts (Preview)
    • Outlook for Mac Add-in Support (Preview – October)
    • Ribbon Extensibility in Outlook Mac (Preview – October)
    • First-Run Callouts in Word/Excel/PowerPoint (GA)
    • Word API 1.1/1.2 in Office Online (GA)
    • Excel API 1.3 in Win32/Online (Preview)
    • Mailbox API 1.4 in Outlook (Preview – October)
    • In-client store improvements (GA)
    • Deep Linking Support for Add-ins (Preview)
    • Admin Deployment (Updated Preview)

Microsoft Graph Announcements

    Support for hybrid environments
    Exchange 2016, mail, calendar, contacts (Preview)
    Webhooks support

Mail, Calendar and contacts entities (GA)
Onedrive Files and Folders (Preview)
SharePoint webhooks (Preview)

Microsoft Graph APIs

Excel (GA)
Outlook – Open Type Extensions (GA)
Outlook – Mailtips and Online meeting URL (Preview)
SharePoint – List and Libraries (Preview)
SharePoint – OneDrive/File Handlers (Preview)
AAD – Administrative Units, Identity Protection, Dynamic Groups (Preview)

Client Libraries

Android (GA)
Python (Preview)
Ruby (Preview)
JavaScript (Preview)
NodeJS (Preview)

There are a lot more announcements this week coming from Ignite, but we’ll leave it here for now. I’m sure we will get back on many of the subjects over the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, you can watch all the Ignite videos at http://myIgnite.microsoft.com/videos


Last week’s events

Quintor TechDays Preview 2 – September 20th – Amersfoort

How to practice TDD without shooting yourself in the foot – Dennis Doomen – September 20th – Rotterdam

Quintor Introductie App development voor de Hololens – September 21th – Amersfoort

Azure App Services en Azure Functions – September 21th – Eindhoven

Fixxup – September 22th – Utrecht

Fanie and I were there, it was a great evening to meet some of the other peers and learn some new stuff!

LevelUp Mobile 2016 – September 22nd – Leusden

This week’s events

Microsoft Ignite – September 26-30th Atlanta

Recorded sessions:
Next week events

TechDays – October 4-5th – RAI Amsterdam

We will be there, so if you want to talk with us come on over and have a chat!

Upcoming events

CodeUUR Worldrecord – October 14th

Dutch .NET Group – October 18th – Utrecht

ASP.NET Core & Xamarin: Gotta app ’em all


.NET Developer Days – Central / East Europe – October 19-21 th

DevIntersection Europe 2016 – Haarlem – November 14-16

We will provide discount codes through the SDN newsletter!

Unity Connect – 16-18 November – Haarlem


Demo time

Fanie Reynders created an easy to use stub framework to use within your .NET Core projects to quickly test your application with some dummy information. The tool is available via Nuget and called Stubbr. Following the .NET Core demo Maarten showed us what most of us can’t imagine and that is building PowerShell scripts with an actual graphic designed User Interface implementing WPF/XAML. What you’ll see is that by extending the PowerShell script with additional XAML coding you can start building your own, nothing is too crazy, windows to interact with the end user but keep the power of scripting using PowerShell.

We hope you like watching our Dutch SDN Casts to catch up in a bit more than an hour on the topics that are hot for this week and hear the latest news and see the great demo’s on technology and software development that you can apply in your real world scenarios.

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Update: The title said Week 38, but it is actually Week 39 … time flies!

Office Development at //Build/ 2016 – 2 – Graph Changes


Microsoft Graph is a gateway to data and insights in Office365 allowing you to easily traverse over objects and relationships to access the information that is sitting in the Office365 services using web standards. Microsoft Graph is an open platform accessible through a secure data access mechanism.

Microsoft Graph API developer stack.

At Build, with regards to Microsoft Graph the following changes have been announced for General Availability:

  • Webhooks on Outlook Entities
  • Access to consumer services OneDrive and Outlook.com
  • OneDrive large file upload/download

The following, but not only this – there is more, went in preview:

  • Excel REST API
  • Administrative Units
  • Find Meeting Time API
  • Get/set out of office
  • Online meeting links
  • Updates to People API
  • Updates to trending APIs

Documentation on Microsoft Graph can be found at:

Microsoft Graph: The easiest way to call

SDN Conference September 2015

Friday September 11th we are organizing another Dutch SDN Event for 2015 in The Netherlands. With four full tracks of sessions hosted in Zeist in the Achmea Conference Center on:

Microsoft Band – Roy Jansen

Microservices – Dennis van der Stelt

Reverse Engineering and security analyses – Michiel van der Sluis

DevOps and ALM – Hassan Fadili

A special ‘track’, a couple of sessions, on PowerShell with Claus Nielsen from Denmark and Eric Tummers

Cross Platform Development – Klaas Polinder

Extensibility with Chrome apps – Fanie Reynders

Windows Azure SQL Databases – Tobiasz Janusz Koprowski

OWIN – Dennis Doomen

SQL Server Source Control in the Cloud Era  – Tobiasz Janusz Koprowski

Distributed Systems principles – Dennis van der Stelt

Azure Websites – Eelco Koster

TIdTCPClient – Herbert Schrama

REST Web Services with XML – Bob Swart

and last but not least Stephen Ball talking about:

Azure Translator Services with Delphi

IoT and Delphi

InterBase XE7 & Change Views

In other words a lot to go and see in one day! For the full descriptions and to register, visit our SDN Event page:

Make sure you will be there, not only to learn but to network with peers as well or get your printed copy of the SDN Magazine!. See you there!

SharePoint Conference 2014 Videos and Presentation Slides


Missed the SharePoint Conference 2014, March 3-6 2014 in Las Vegas, or was it too far away to go to from your perspective? Don’t worry, as of today you can view the sessions online on Channel 9. At this time there are about 253 videos available so I’m sure you won’t be bored if SharePoint and/or Office is your area of interest!

The SharePoint Conference is -the- conference to be when you want to learn the internals on how to build Office and SharePoint applications or manage the Office System, including all the client and server components. At this conference the Office/SharePoint teams open the books and share the roadmap for the upcoming year and beyond. This time SharePoint Conference 2014 was held in Las Vegas and has been attended by an unbelievable number of somewhat around 10,000 attendees.

Go ahead and click the SharePoint Conference 2014 Videos link here.

Showtime: Soof


The “Showtime” section on my blog is a reminder, mostly for my own reference but maybe helpful for other film enthusiasts as well, to remember what movies I’ve seen lately, what it was about and how I rated it in general.

My guess is the movie won’t be released abroad (outside The Netherland) so this Showtime item probably is not much of use for my foreign friends but if you are a Dutch reader here is my view on Soof.

Soof, a Dutch movie about a what I like to think of as a ‘common’ Dutch family life. A very recognizable representation of a family situation where a wife, husband and a couple of kids live together in an overloaded way of living. The husband Kasper (Fedja van Huêt), businessman, has a very busy company life filled with meetings and constantly trying to be on top of things. His wife Soof (short for Sophie – Lies Visschedijk)  has a hobby of creating dinner services for other people but at the same time has the kids to worry about. Kasper gets the blame of doing nothing in the household and one day Kasper gets enough of it and decides on his own to take a year off and go for the sabbatical.

Soof now, in order to pay the bills, is the one to make some money on her hobby project. Something she always wanted but never imagined that it would really happen. Obviously all sorts of things go wrong, new relations start happening and soon it escalates.

Very recognizable plot for many of us and that is the real fun part of the movie. They did a real great job with that and the comedy level is high without exaggerating too much. The movie has been marketed as a so called Chick-Flick (and apparently that worked, with me only a couple of men were sitting in a room filled with women only, chatting and giggling) nevertheless I had a fun time watching the movie and rated it an Eight out of Ten in its category.

SDN Event Speaker Request

SDN Event Banner

For our quarterly Dutch SDN Events we are always looking for people with interesting presentation proposals. March 28th of 2014 is our next SDN Event and already have received several proposals. To name a few topics (preliminary, subject to change):

  • Team Foundation Server
  • Azure Mobile Services
  • Roslyn
  • Windows 8/8,1
  • Windows Phone
  • Delphi
  • HTML5
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV
    If you want to share your knowledge with your peer developers contact us: @MarcelMeijer or @aafvstam (me) and we will put you on the list to do your talk at the next SDN Event (or if that is a better fit for you one of the following SDN Events). We would like to schedule about twenty session slots with a wide variation of topics related to the complete software lifecycle so that means your topics can cover everything from initialization, design, deployment, marketing and end user support. In other words covering the complete ALM cycle of your software development projects including best practices, design patterns etcetera.
    Don’t hesitate, contact us … share your knowledge to the world!

Showtime: Paranormal Activity, The Marked Ones

Paranormal Activity The Marked Ones

The “Showtime” section on my blog is a reminder, mostly for my own reference but maybe helpful for other film enthusiasts as well, to remember what movies I’ve seen lately, what it was about and how I rated it in general.

Paranormal Activity, The Marked Ones is not part of the other Paranormal Activity series (Paranormal Activity 1,2,3,4 and 5 on its way to arrive this year) although it does include some hidden footage from Paranormal Activity 3 but is a so called spinoff.

The story is about high school graduate Jesse and he is experiencing weird things after his neighbor was found dead. He is curious to see what happened there and investigates the abandoned home of his neighbor. Not long after that he appears to be marked for possession and affecting the people around him.

The movie feels a bit low budget (the actual budget was $5,000,000 so what is low) and to me was not that thrilling. As with the other Paranormal Activity movies this one was also captured as if it was recorded using a home video camera (as seen in the The Blair Witch Project) and gives you a messy interpretation of what is happening. Overall not the best horror movie available and I wouldn’t recommend spending your money on going to the cinemas. Instead wait for the TV, DVD or VOD and watch it at home with a bag of chips and get on with your life. Four out of Ten I’d say …

SDN+(plus) Event in Arnhem


Tomorrow morning at our annual December event, December 3rd we are having our ‘extended’ Dutch Software Development Network event in the real Olympic sportcomplex Papendal next to Arnhem, NL.

With speakers like Rockford Lhotka, Shawn Wildermuth, Dick Moffat, Marco Cantù, Brian Long and Cary Jensen we managed to get an excellent choice of speakers from all over the place but obviously there are also the Dutch presenters added to that making it all complete with sessions, dinner, networking from 10AM to 9PM!

For a complete overview of all our sessions have a look and check it out on http://www.sdn.nl/SDN/SDNEvent/Events2012/SDE3december2012/tabid/217/Default.aspx

You can still join us if you like and we’ll see you tomorrow to actually learn some new technologies or meet new developer peers!

Download all Build 2012 videos

Earlier I created a custom downloader to download videos from //Build (2011) and was thinking about creating another one for //Build 2012.

I did however remember there was a batch download tool for Channel 9, where the //Build and other events are hosting their videos and searched for it and found it:

Select your //Build 2012 videos and download them here:

It creates either a PowerShell script or a WGET script for you to use and download the videos in one batch. Saves me some work to create another downloader.

The number of sessions this year was a lot lower than last year. Compared to last year //Build 2012 had only 60% of the number of sessions at //Build 2011 (275 last year against 164 this year). This is probably related to the fact that the venue in Anaheim in 2011 was much bigger and Microsoft Campus has only limited space to host their sessions.

Enjoy downloading and watching the //Build 2012 sessions!

Build 2012


Last year I attended Build 2011. It was highly secretive and more or less Apple-ified kind of conference held by Microsoft however this time. No one knew what to expect other than that Microsoft planned to make a big shift in their plans for the upcoming years. As I blogged about it last time, it seemed that Microsoft decided to align all products with the same type of User Interface and able to run on most devices from phones to data servers.

One of the big announcements was that Windows would be able to run on ARM processor based devices and would be prepared as touch enabled Operating System.

Tomorrow, Eight-Eight-Eight (8-8-8, August 8th at 8AM) it will happen again. Microsoft is opening their doors this time on Microsoft Campus in Redmond, not in a fancy location with Disneyland or Vegas setting but ‘just’ at Microsoft’s home base.

Again, no-one knows what to expect and what to arrange for traveling and lodging but I’m pretty sure it will provide a lot of interesting information and options to build your network for the next year or so. Build 2011 provided insights in completely new areas and was definitely worth attending. In general I am an autodidact, the reason often is that I am learning the things that I ‘predict’ to be big in the -next- couple of years and a lot of it is simply not available soon enough. Living on the bleeding edge. Events like Build are different, mainly because the speakers on the conference -are the developers- working on the new technologies. Not some consulting guys but the ones who designed it.

So, it won’t take more that 24 hours until we know what it’s all about. Or maybe not … maybe you only know how to register and where to stay. That was what happened last year. No information at all.

For me I’ll try to register and see if I can get a ticket to learn what to focus on the next couple of years. Maybe my boss is willing to sponsor me, maybe not -in that case I’ll break my piggybank and will it be my early Christmas vacation- but the ones who get in will be the ones with the Golden ticket ….

Let me know, are you trying to get registered, to get the Golden Ticket …?

To be continued …

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