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For our quarterly Dutch SDN Events we are always looking for people with interesting presentation proposals. March 28th of 2014 is our next SDN Event and already have received several proposals. To name a few topics (preliminary, subject to change):

  • Team Foundation Server
  • Azure Mobile Services
  • Roslyn
  • Windows 8/8,1
  • Windows Phone
  • Delphi
  • HTML5
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV
    If you want to share your knowledge with your peer developers contact us: @MarcelMeijer or @aafvstam (me) and we will put you on the list to do your talk at the next SDN Event (or if that is a better fit for you one of the following SDN Events). We would like to schedule about twenty session slots with a wide variation of topics related to the complete software lifecycle so that means your topics can cover everything from initialization, design, deployment, marketing and end user support. In other words covering the complete ALM cycle of your software development projects including best practices, design patterns etcetera.
    Don’t hesitate, contact us … share your knowledge to the world!

Showtime: Paranormal Activity, The Marked Ones

Paranormal Activity The Marked Ones

The “Showtime” section on my blog is a reminder, mostly for my own reference but maybe helpful for other film enthusiasts as well, to remember what movies I’ve seen lately, what it was about and how I rated it in general.

Paranormal Activity, The Marked Ones is not part of the other Paranormal Activity series (Paranormal Activity 1,2,3,4 and 5 on its way to arrive this year) although it does include some hidden footage from Paranormal Activity 3 but is a so called spinoff.

The story is about high school graduate Jesse and he is experiencing weird things after his neighbor was found dead. He is curious to see what happened there and investigates the abandoned home of his neighbor. Not long after that he appears to be marked for possession and affecting the people around him.

The movie feels a bit low budget (the actual budget was $5,000,000 so what is low) and to me was not that thrilling. As with the other Paranormal Activity movies this one was also captured as if it was recorded using a home video camera (as seen in the The Blair Witch Project) and gives you a messy interpretation of what is happening. Overall not the best horror movie available and I wouldn’t recommend spending your money on going to the cinemas. Instead wait for the TV, DVD or VOD and watch it at home with a bag of chips and get on with your life. Four out of Ten I’d say …

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