SDN Cast 68 – DotNETConf en Google leaks

SDNCast 68-800

Conference season obviously started and the big three (Microsoft, Google and Apple) pop out events shortly after each other anxiously trying to be the first to come with new hardware announcements. Apple last week presented their new iPhones, at the end of October it is expected that Microsoft will come forward with -their- hardware announcements (although there is also the rumor that there will be another event in the middle of the month) and Google is planned for October 4th.

This week unexpected information was published about the hardware Google most likely planned to show at their October 4th event and probably not-amused to see all their scoops in a web post from one of the tech journalists. The new Pixel 2 devices, the new Google Pixelbook, a smaller smart speaker Google Home Mini and the new edition of their Daydream View VR headset.

Another one on the long list of upcoming events was DotNETConf online this week where Microsoft gave us an update on their development tools. An overview of what is going on with Visual Studio, Xamarin and Visual Studio Code, their light weight editor. Also updates on their languages and what is going on in the cloud with Azure.

We discussed it all in our weekly Dutch SDN Cast together with the news of the week, the rumors of tomorrow and the events on schedule. If you master the Dutch language go on over and watch the Dutch episode (on a weekly base so don’t forget to subscribe!) and in an hour you are completely up to date!

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Other news:

The final releases for iOS and tvOS will be available on September 19th. And the final release for macOS will be available on September 25th.


Announcing: Windows Compatibility Pack for .NET Core

Architecture Guides

Google Leaks before October 4

TFS 2017 Update 3 RC is available

VSTS in Canada

VSTS Update – Sept 15


Newly Streamlined App Ratings

The All-new App Store is Here

Higher Limit for Over-the-Air Downloads

New Downloads Now Available

Snelstart Henry Been:


Events this Week

Xamarin Dev Days – September 16th – Amsterdam

DevIntersection Europe, September 18-20 – Stockholm!

.NET Conf – September 19-21

Pluralsight Live, Salt Lake City, USA, 19-21 September

Building high performance web applications with Preact – September 21 – .NET Zuid – Rotterdam

Upcoming events

Microsoft Envision – September 25-27 – Orlando

Ignite 2017 – September 25-29 – Orlando

Hybrid IT Event – September 26 – Maarssen, NL

4DotNet Events – Xamarin Event – 28 September, Nieuwegein

SDN Event 3 – October 6, Zeist, NL

OpenHack Amsterdam, October 9-11, Amsterdam

Windows Developer Day – October 10

TechDays October 12-13, 2017 RAI Amsterdam

SharePoint Saturday Belgium 2017, October 21, Brussels BE

SharePoint Unite – October 24-26, 2017, Haarlem

Dev Intersection, October 30- November 2, Las Vegas!/

Firebase Dev Summit – Amsterdam – October 31st

Microsoft Future Decoded – London, UK – October 31st-November 1st

Azure IoT Community, November 2nd, Nieuwegein

Web Summit – November 6-9 2017, Lisbon, Portugal

Visual Studio Live! November 12-17 2017 Orlando, FL

MixUG – Eindgebruikers Evenement – November 29 – Gouda

NgEurope, February 1-2, 2018 , Paris – France

As usual we are always looking for presenters for our own events and Meetup’s so if you want to share something about hot technologies or just about something you implemented at work or in an App that could be interesting to our audience let us know so we can schedule you for one or our next SDN events or Dutch .NET Group Meetups.

This off course also goes for if you want to write a great article for us to publish in our SDN Magazines or at our SDN Website. The downside of publishing a magazine article is that there can be sometime between writing the article and publishing the magazine. So, if it is time critical sometimes the best option is to publish it on the website to get more speedy attention to the article.

As you see, options enough to address your audience with top notch information. You can even, if you like, be our guest in our SDN Cast shows to discuss the projects you are working on or other topics you master. We will instruct you how to connect with us and what it is you need to join the show.

Hopefully we will see you at our weekly web cast, for the schedule go to for next week’s announcement to find out the day and time of our next broadcast or go to to watch old episodes and videos that we recorded at our events. Don’t forget to subscribe our YouTube channel or go directly to YouTube not to miss any of our shows!

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