SDN Event – Brady Gaster – Developing for Azure on a Mac

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In our series of SDN Event session recordings we published last Sunday our fourth recording from our 23rd of June SDN Event. This recording is the second session by Brady Gaster: “Developing for Azure on a Mac”


With the introduction of .NET Core, many developers who have previously been married to Windows to do their .NET development are now investigating other platforms. By the same token, many developers familiar to the Mac who have been unable to use .NET are now interested in trying it out but aren’t sure what tools they’ll need. This session will target both audiences and take an intermediate-level tour of how to get started developing .NET applications on a Mac using Visual Studio Code and a series of command-line utilities and extensions. We’ll also investigate how the Azure Tools Extension for Visual Studio Code can be useful when paired with the Azure Portal’s in-browser tools to make developing your Web, Mobile, and RESTful APIs on Azure easy, and how Azure Containers and Docker can bring true portability and flexibility to your DevOps story.

Brady takes you by the hand and shows you the tools you need to develop .NET Core and Azure solutions using a Mac. Using Visual Studio Code and the Azure Tools Extension for Visual Studio Code he goes through his ‘hands-on’ session packed with demos and only a few slides. A joy to watch!

SDN Event – Brady Gaster – Developing for Azure on a Mac

Recordings previously released from the 23rd of June SDN Event.

If you missed the previous recording that we published the last couple of weeks you can still dive in and watch the sessions here online. Oh, and don’t forget to subscribe:

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